PDFCreator 3.2.2 wont automatically start on Win7 machine

PDFCreator 3.2.2 installed on a Win7 Pro machine with ESET NOD32

I have to disable ESET for the install to work which is no big deal but the main problem is that PDFCreator will not run on it's own. If i create a PDF the program no longer starts automatically, I need to go through the start menu, manually start PDFCreator, click yes to allow PDFCreator to make changes to the computer and then it begins. I have no idea why it does this and can't figure out how to make the program automatically start like it's supposed to. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.




the cause of this is usually the pdfcmon.dll (our print monitor) not getting replaced properly during the update.
Reinstalling usually fixes the issue. Best manually uninstall, check that the pdfcmon.dll was deleted from C:\windows\system32 (need to set Explorer to show all files), reboot and install again afterwards to ensure the issue is resolved.

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Thanks for the response. I tried what you said and still no joy, still have to manually start PDFCreator from the start menu before anything happens.

I tried installing it to a different destination ie C:\PDFCreator and that solved it. I don't know why installing it to C:\programfiles etc doesn't work though.