PdfCreator 5.0.3 Silent Install not working

I try to install the PdfCreator 5.0.3 with Powershell command : .\PDFCreator-5_0_3-Setup.exe /SILENT /NORESTART
With /VERYSILENT switch ForceInstall ,....
But I have all time the popup = > Welcome to the PDFCreator Setup
With the choice language and the advanced settings.

How to bypass all of this and have a full silent installation
Thank you for the answer

Hi there,

I have just tested it successfully using a command prompt: PDFCreator-5_0_3-Setup.exe /silent
No pop-up shown. No restart required.

Does work for you using cmd?


Same Problem, with the free version.
i try with /silent but the same thing, popup for installation.
PDFCreator-5_0_3-Setup.exe /silent


Not working,
tested with Cmd as admin, with powershell command and same probleme.
downloading back an tested not working all time popup.
extract the msi and do nothing.....


Do you have any news ?

I have tried many commands with Powershell or cmd prompt.
But I have all time the popup "Welcome to the PDFCreator Setup"

Did you try this cmd with the free version ?
PDFCreator-5_0_3-Setup.exe /silent


I'm also trying to install it silently but not working..
Using this:
PDFCreator-5_0_3-Setup.exe /LOADINF=pdfc503.inf /FORCEINSTALL /SILENT /NORESTART

Same issue here….be good to know if this does actually work silently and what the cmd line is to surpress the popup?

If there isn’t one, that would be really helpful to know as well