Pdfcreator action print to EPSON L100

Dear All,

I want to ask about PDFCreator
I want my data printed in PDF and hardcopy form.
for that, I use action “Print document” on page PDFCreator settings.

question is when I print using PDFCreator, EPSON L100 also print my
data but the printout is different with my data. So, printouts

Where i can set the margins for EPSON L100 on PDFCreator?
Because if I print my data directly using EPSON L100, the results according to my data

Thank You.


the “print document” uses the direct postscript data and the margins can’t be set directly.
The easiest solution is probably to use the “run script” action instead and point it to a PDF viewer capable of command line printing (e.g. PDF Architect 4).

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