PDFCreator and autosave


I'm french so sorry for my bad english... i'll try to explain my problem :

I've got a windows 2003 server on which i have set up PDFCretor 1.0.2 that works good : i can share my new PDF printer... but when i try to use the autosave parameters in order to print with a client, it doesn't work : the server write the PDF on its own disk and not on the client ! In documentation (http://www.downloadatoz.com/business_directory/pdfcreator/manual/html/autosave.htm) it's written :

- Gives the computer name or IP address of the client computer asking for the PDF (for use in server installations). This can also be used in the auto save directory to save directly to client computers (FirstClass Mobile Client for iPhone) (i.e. "\\c$files").

The server doesn't change \\\\\\c$ by the client's name !!! the name stays always "\\\ ame_of_my_server\\c$" and it the reason why it doesn't send the file to the client...

NB : My server can write on client \\\\xxxxxx\\c$ when i try by Explorer or by "cmd commands" so it's not a problem with administrator's rights...

Have you got an idea to help me ?


I had a similar problem, the solution? try REDMON_MACHINE :


It seems to be the solution !!!!

Really really great thanks !