PDFCreator can't find my system certificate (for visible digital signature)

Can PDFCreator use a system certificate? I want to digitally sign my pdfs but I don't have a file signature. My signature is in the system and Oberthur USB Token is also needed. So, all I need is a way to find my system signature in PDFCreator.

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Hi @hariskar
At the moment PDFCreator needs a file to sign your document. It's not able to use a system certificate. If you're able to export it into a file in some way, you could try that. (Just a guess)
Otherwise, check out PDF Architect. It should be able to use your system certificate. You can easily purchase it online, If you're unhappy with your purchase, we'll refund it.

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Thank you, I can extract a file digital signature which is *.cer. I can put the path in PDFCreator, but when I print a pdf it does not print anything without showing any error message.

Can I have profiles in PDF Architekt and apply visible digital signature automaticaly on every pdf I print?

Could you create a trace log following this guide and forward me the log via direct message? I'd like to see if I can find the error.

As far as I'm informed there are no automatic profiles in PDF Architect. But it could be possible to call PDF Archtiect from within PDFCreator in order to sign the document. Let me check that out for you. :slight_smile:

Edit: Deleted the log for privacy reasons. - @Florian

Thanks for the log. Will look into it now. :slight_smile:

Edit: According to the log your certificate file "has no private key". The private key is on your USB token, correct?

Exactly, key and certificate is on the usb token.
Thank you

Any news? If no, maybe a script with a program like JSignPdf?
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I am not up to date on this case, but generally you can always run a script automatically after converting a document with PDFCreator. The option for this is located inside the "advanced" section of the PDFCreator profile settings.
I don't think it will be possible to solve this with the native PDFCreator signing function.
PDF Architect doesn't support profiles so the script approach might be the best option.

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Thank you, any possibility this feature to be added?

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Any news to add this feature : Use usb token key to digitaly sign a PDF file aurtomaticaly on profil ? Any other PFX or P12 file are NOT reconigzed by Adobe & co.