PDFCreator COM object in Visual C++ Project


I try to integrate the PDFCreator COM object in a Visual C++ 2005 project but I encounter some problems : when I do the #import of PDFCreator.exe, I've got errors with the pdfcreator.tlh file generated. It seems that _CollectionPtr is unknown and makes an error.

Do you know how solve this problem and integrate the PDFCreator COM object in C++ ?

Thanks in advance for any and all help.



OK I’ve just found the answer in the discussion “failure to compile for the COM interface” ( http://forums.pdfforge.org/discussion/7136 ).

// don’t use the methods/properties that deal with collections
// the following class(_CollectionPtr) has been introduced just to avoid compilation errors
// it’s an empty class.  nothing good will happen as result of its use
/* has to support:
    _CollectionPtr(struct _Collection *, bool)
class _CollectionPtr
    _CollectionPtr(struct _Collection *, bool){}
}; // end class _CollectionPtr

I hope I will have no more problems …

Thanks a lot