PDFCreator COM & org.eclipse.swt

Hi everybody !


Due to a customer request, three weeks ago I started experimenting with PDFCreator and JACOB in JAVA.

Things went well after a while.

Afterwards I had to integrate the feature of using PDFCreator in an existing XMA application.

Since XMA mainly rolls out JARs to the client (And not something like jacob.dll) our XMA gurus told me to investigate, wether I could not use org.eclipse.swt classes.

After a day of rewriting COM usage from JACOB to SWT I started testing. But the result was nothing else than excaptions.

The last one was about an attempt to create an OLEControlSite (Needed for the PDFCreator events), which resulted in

 org.eclipse.swt.SWTException: Failed to create Ole Client. result = -2147221164

For many hours I tried to find a solution or an answer; no success so far.

Q: Is PDFCreator an ActiveX element at all ?

In case needed, I can send the created sourcecode at any time.

Thanks in advance