PDFCreator command line to save pdf's documents to A4 dimensions

Hi all

I am using PDFCreator to “re-save” pdf documents that comes with incorrect page dimensions. I have set up the the PDFCreator Document Options to force to save all documents with “A4” size and then I have created this command line to execute the process to resave all the PDF’s documents in a folder to A4 size:

FOR %%a in (*.pdf) DO  C:\PDFCreator\pdfcreator.exe /NoStart /IF"%%a" /OF"…/Listos_Cargar/%%a"

After dropping the pdf’s files in the folder and run the bat file, the new files are resaved and moved to the “Listos_Cargar” folder and 95% of them gets converted to the right size A4 with 210x297 mm, however some files (dont know still why) still stay in its original dimensions (187x290 or 230x318…).

Could some of you please point me what the reason could be and how to fix it?

If I run this process manually for each pdf document printing it using the Print menu option in Adobe and selecting PDFCreator as printer, it works fine… however this would not work if we have to resave 100’s of files at once.

I have also tried to set up manually custom dimenions in the Document Options, however this did not work either.

Thanks a lot in advance mates!!


please try using the /PF parameter+autosave instead of /IF and /OF.



Hi there

I have now the bat file like this

FOR %%a in (*.pdf) DO  C:\PDFCreator\pdfcreator.exe /NoStart /PF"%%a"

But process takes reaaaally long and opens Adobe Reader everytime a new file is beingin printed even I use the /NoStart parameter.

No whte dimensions of the files produced are working fine, but I can not be closing adobe reader so PDFCreators converts the next file.

Any ideas or suggestions please?



you can use set a different PDF viewer as default which doesn’t have this behavior, like foxit or sumatra.