Pdfcreator conflict with Duet display software

I recently installed duet display which allows me to use my iPad as an additional monitor via my usb cable. With duet display installed my pdfcreator doesn’t display properly. The window where I would see pdfcreator becomes transparent and I can see a border outline. I contacted duet display support and they said I need to disable GPU acceleration but I don’t see a setting to turn that off. Any advice?

There is no settings for the GPU acceleration in PDFCreator, since this is handled in the background.

Please see if you're able to access the graphic settings for the iPad in your graphic driver and if you're able to deactivate GPU acceleration there or within the Duet display software maybe?

The thing is the issue happens even when the iPad isn’t connected to my computer and the duet software is running as a background process. If I end the process the issue persists. Only if I uninstall their software can I visually see the PDF creator window.