PDFCreator crashes on domain

Hello everybody !
Have you ever experienced the Following issue:
PDFCreator works fine on workgroup (local user) but constantly crashes once logged with a domain user.
Even with an domain admin.
The eventvwr tells there is a 1000 ID error + 1026 .net Framework with kernellbase.dll
I tried to uninstall PDFCreator, uninstall .net and reinstall the whole package, clean the regedit, even with a new test admin user on the domain, the issue is still present.
The weird stuff is that I have 14 other machines working good on the network so I guess this is not a user right issue because every user has the same rights.
I have verified the c:\user\username\appdata\local\pdfcreator and it has the R/W access
I have tried to get out of the domain then rejoin it, still the same.

Have you got any ideas for me ?
thanks and have a great day !


Hi Max,

You have tried more things than any other person would think of (this includes myself). Is it PDFCreator Free, Plus or Business you have installed?

Kind regards

Are the other 14 (working) machines also in the domain? My colleague said, that the quickest way would be setting it up from scratch :slight_smile:

The error 1026 seems to point into the direction of .net framework. Found an interesting article, but it is in German :face_with_monocle: