PDFCreator Create from LPR UNIX

I have a UNIX/LINIX system that is doing the LPR process. I want to see if I can have a file created from it directly, vs printing and then scanning.

I found the help on pdfforge to enable-ldp

I created a profile in PDFCreator with a filename (DateTime:yyyy....) and a target directory.
I defined a printer (PDFCreator) and flagged it as Primary Printer and it is using the default profile).

I try to print to it from my linux server and it appears to print, but I don't see any file being saved to my specified directory. When I do the LPR with a trace command it looks like it is printing just fine to the host on port 721.

Am I missing a step on getting the Windows LPD service to "connect" to PDFCREATOR?