pdfcreator disappeared context menu.

installed PDFCreator-4_0_1. a very long entry appeared in the context menu; see screenshot, pdf creator general settings - Explorer context menu integration - Remov, the menu has not changed. unistall PDFCreator-4_0_1 install PDFCreator-3_5_1. Explorer context menu integration - no. the add button does not help. uninstallation the installation does not help, the installation of PDFCreator-3_2_2 does not help.

Does this context menu entry show up for every file or only for specific file types?

For all files Explorer context menu disappeared.

create bug #1 see screenshot №1. install PDFCreator-3_2_2 update to PDFCreator-4_0_1
create bug #2 see screenshot #2/ install PDFCreator-3_2_2, update to PDFCreator-4_0_1, unistall PDFCreator-4_0_1, install PDFCreator-3_2_2 Explorer context menu integration - Remov, reboot pc.
Adding Explorer context menu integration does not work.
OS windows server 1607, windows 10 1903

2020-01-28 16_39_35-Window

the solution helped. unistall PDFCreator-3_2_2 reboot pc. install PDFCreator-4_0_1 Explorer context menu integration - add, reboot pc.