Pdfcreator Exception on install

just installed the latest version 4.1.3. (tried twice). At the end of the install after declining Avast, if you press on Try now, it aborts with an exception.

Here is the screenshot attached.

Hi @micug7

Is this a fresh installation of PDFCreator or are you updating from version x to 4.1.3.

Declining Avast should not be the reason for the exception :slight_smile:


this was an update to version 4 on version 4.0 alreadyt installed on windows 10 build 2004

pdfcreator get installed correctly and it is working.

you are getting an unexpected null value when the mouse is clicked to decline the avast offer, in the last setup window.

pdfcreator log

[PDFCreator.log.txt (40.3 KB) ](http://)

Thank you for the log. Our developers will look into it.