Pdfcreator.exe process doesn't terminate when run with /PrintFile parameter

I have a PDFCreator 1.9.3 x64 version.

When I run

pdfcreator.exe /PrintFile="path_to_my_file"

from a command line then after printing that file the created process never terminates. When I run it x times, x processes remain open.

The process should terminate after it's done printing.

This happens on Windows 7 Professinal 64-bit, Service Pack 1.

this is most annoying if you have to process lots of files…

Which application do you call when printing the files? We could change PDFCreator to make it not wait for the application, but most likely the application you start to print does not terminate and thus PDFCreator does not either.

Any…Word, Design Review…

Once PDFCreator.exe has generated and saved a PDF should it not just terminate?

I should have said the sending app always terminates and pdfcreator.exe remains so you end up with lots of instances of pdfcreator.exe running.