PDFCreator.exe stays loaded after succesful printing - No GUI

Using Version 1.3.1 on a German XP SP3 "PDFCreator.exe" stays loaded after succesful printing but no GUI is viewable, just in the task manager. Thus an re-opening of PDFCreator.exe by double klicking it's shortcut on the desktop (for setting of options, etc.) is not possible.

After killing PDFCreator.exe one can open it againg and it has a GUI again.

But after Printing it's the same.


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I have the same problem, but only when I installed pdfcreator in the "normal" mode.

When install it as "Expert" these problem appears not.

But then the autosave doesn't work. It seams the jobs are collected somewhere.

When I start the GUI all the jobs are appearing in the list and will processed.  



this is a bug and will be fixed with the next release.