PDFCreator Free 3.2.1 Installer Problem


When upgrading or installing fresh, PDFCreator Free to version 3.2.1 gets an error on the “Downloading additional files” screen, Download failed: HTTP error 403. Clicking Retry or Next allows the installation to finish successfully.



the only additional files downloaded during the setup are for the offer screen which gets displayed at the end of the setup, so there won’t be any problems if this download fails, you just won’t get the offer screen.

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First, sorry for my (bad) english, I'm austrian, so german is my mothers tongue.
I'm not exactly looking for help, but may inform you about an error, and my solution.

I also got a problem on installing 3.2.1 and did not find this problem in the German Help ether.
After starting the update from an older version, it simply did show the installations-screen with the running bar for approximatly an hour... mad of that I tried on a clean install afterwards... but exactly the same happend...
No message or even telling me it is finished... (it is running and runnning....).
Thinking of the first post here and maybe there might be a similar error at my side, I looked for the program and voi'la there it is and everything is running fine.

Calling up the Task manager and simple stopping the installer worked fine for me.
Hope this may help others.



thanks for reporting this, unfortunately there seems to be an issue with one of the offer screens not loading properly (and the setup waiting for it to respond). Sorry for the trouble. Closing the setup task with the task manager is the proper solution and since the issue is located at the very end of the setup, everything has already successfully been installed at this point. Once our offer partner fixes the screen, the issue will stop occuring in all current and previous setups.

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Install program is asking me for a restart just at begining. Is it normal?


Hi @Juan_Carlos_O

If a restart doesn't help, see this guide: https://help.pdfforge.org/article/79-please-restart-your-system-first-to-continue-setup

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