PDFCreator Free v4.0.4 Offline Install


I am using AutoIT + SCCM to deploy an automated package to install PDFCreator Free, the latest version. But when it runs under SCCM context, the installer tries to connect to the internet and download something(?) and then fails out. Giving an internet connection error, and I can't seem to tell it to ignore the error with some AutoIT keystrokes. It just closes the installer when clicking "Okay".

Is there any way to run the latest installer in an "Offline" mode, where it doesn't need an internet connection? Or if it does absolutely need an internet connection - which sites does it need to contact? I've found this URL pulling some things apart: https : // flow.lavasoft . c o m

It connects to whatever it needs just fine, and installs so long as its not running under the SCCM-admin context. But I need it to run in SCCM context to deploy it to non-admin users.

Thank you very much for any help,