PDFCreator from UNIX to Windows


I'm trying to create a PDF document from an UNIX system. To do this, I share a PDFCreator printer, and I created a remote printer in the Unix system.

When I print a document from the Unix, the PDFCreator printer spool (the windows spool) shows a "Low level document" named document for a pair of seconds, then it disappears. But nothing is created. No "save to" window neither PDF document in the folder.

Any help? Thanks

I installed PDFcreator as a server and I have it passing information from UNIX to Windows and it is pringing up the window to create the PDF, and it creates a PDF. My problem is that it the PDF is blank.

Any thoughts? 

PDF Creator: v0.9.9

Windows XP SP3

SCO UNIX v5.0.7

When I check the temp file in C:\\Program Files\\PDFCreator\\Temp\\PDFCreatorSpool  and view the temp file it creates, it has my information in there but the temp file does not get turned into a proper PDF.


I am running into the same problem, PDF gets created but is blank. Did you come up with a fix?

My setup is windows xp for the server and printing form AIX.