Pdfcreator in MS Excel Macro

MS Excel 2010

Pdfcreator 1.7.0

I am trying to create an MS Excel macro which will print a worksheet, update the same worksheet, then print the worksheet again. I would like the resulting .pdf document to consist of both of the two printed pages.

Following on from the other discussions I have found the sample code in the COM\Windows Scripting Host\VBScripts folder. I have opened the CombineAndAddBookmarks file with Notepad and copied the script (everything from “Option Explicit” onwards) into an MS Excel VBA module.

I note that the code doesn’t start with a sub name etc. 

Once pasted into the MS Excel module the macro will not run with-out error.

What additional steps are required for the sample code to run properly as a part of an MS Excel macro?

Many thanks,


please take a look at the modPDFCreatorAccess2000.bas in COM\MS Office, but feel free to ask again, if it doesn´t help.