PDFCreator Installer Adware Problem

We have tried to install PDFCreator many times and as soon as we download the install, our virus protection removes it from our system. We have found that it is not the PDFCreator package itself, but the installer that is used that is causing the problem. Is there any way that you can provide an install of PDFCreator without all of the adware?

Hi @lisa.vincent,

PDFCreator Business comes without advertisements, feel free to take a look: https://www.pdfforge.org/pdfcreator/business/pdfcreator
However, in most antivirus solutions you should be able to allow advertisements for specific files.

That would require whitelisting and unfortunately, that is out of my control and not an option.


the free version is funded by advertising. If you can't have ads in your environment we can totally understand, but in that case the business edition is the only option, as the freeware will most likely always contain some form of advertisement. No adware gets installed, the setup just downloads an offer screen to display a single advertisement, but unfortunately some AV software blocks any kind of advertising as potentially unwanted. You don't need to whitelist anything, it is either an active decision of the admin to not allow potentially unwanted applications (even though they are totally safe) or the AV software doesn't properly differentiate between pua's and actual threats.

Best regards