PDFCreator Major issue! - Please Help!


I have recently installed your latest PDFCreator (version 0.9.8) and stumbled across what I can only discribe as a MAJOR ISSUE - activating a printing menu, in ANY program, now takes in access of 40 sec!

Any time I try to active the printing menu, by ctrl-P (or by the menus) the program would freeze (not-responding) for between 40 sec and a full minute, depending on the program, and even more (up to SEVERAL MINUTES!) before finally opening the printing menu.

Regardless to say that before installing your PDFCreator, no such problem was encountered.

I have since unintalled and re-intalled the PDFCreator twice, and even reinstalled the previous pdf-printer I was using (pdf995 - which worked perfectly) but the problem remains.

I would appreciated your assistance in resolving the problem.

I am using a Dell Inspiron mini10, with Intel Atom N280 (1.66MHz), with 1GB memory, runing a WIN-XP Home SP3.

Hello World

We have a similar behaviour. While trying to convert a word document to a pdf, it takes around 30seconds before it starts printing.
We are using the program interface, directly from a c# application. Since this is a realtime application, it's not suitable for customers to wait so long before a pdf can be created.

If somebody has a solution for that, I'm glad to know it too.

Thank you

I have the same issue.  But I have found that launching pdfcreator from the program menu before hand makes this more reliable... it seems to be that trying to launch it after printing to the pdfcreator printer causes the error.