PDFCreator merge ==> PDFarchitect visualization bug

This is a bug report, but I did not find any right place to put it...

I printed with PDFcreator a set of 2D CAD drawing. I made the merge (Ctrl+A) in PDFCreator

In PDFArchitect, the landscape one have a big black mark on top left corner. Texts on the drawing does not appear too ! (but it does in the PDF :/  )

This bug does not appear if I do the merge in PDFArchitect.

here is my document : http://2diabolos.com/titi/temp/bug_report.pdf


PDFArchitect is a very nice idea, with a great potential.
But please implement common shortkey like

copy  ==> Ctrl+C

Paste ==> Ctrl+V

close==> Ctrl+w (or Ctrl+F4)


Thank you again, hope that helped.



thank you for sharing this information.