PDFCreator New Printer creates multiple printers

I created a new printer from within PDFCreator as part of an upgrade to 2.0

I created the new printer with a name of “Autosave Nightly Job” and assigned it a new profile I created 2 minutes earlier. When I saved and closed the install windows I checked in “Printers and Faxes” and I had 3 new printers: “Autosave”, “Nightly”, and “Job”. Going back to the PDFCreator application settings I saw that it now showed 3 printers instead of the original one and all 3 were assigned to “Default” or “Last Used Profile”.
This is on Server 2003. 
PDFCreator v2.0.0 Build 695


we were able to reproduce this here and will try to fix it.
As you probably already figured out, it is caused by the blanks in the name, so AutosaveNightlyJob would work.

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