PDFCreator Plus Interactive asks for SMTP password

I have just upgraded from 2.X to 3.2.0 b11756 and program behaviour has changed.

I have a profile that saves to file and emails via smtp.

In 2.X I was prompted for new filename and after pressing OK email was sent.

In 3.2.0 I have saved password.
In Profile-Send-SMTP I confirm test email sends (password correct).
When using Profile-Save-Interactive I am prompted for both Filename and SMTP Password
When using Profile-Save-Automatic I am not prompted for anything and default filename is used

How can I configure to prompt for Filename but NOT SMTP Password as per my V2 config?

Hi there,

Thank you for asking.

  1. Did you un-tick this box when entering your SMTP account details?

  1. Which version of PDFCreator Free, Plus or Business are you using?

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Hi Sascha,

Thanks for your help.

Confirm “Don’t save password” box is UN-ticked and the test email works without tying in the password.

As advised, in Automatic mode emails are sent without prompting for password.
In Interactive mode, I am prompted for password every time.

Hi Sascha,

Would you mind please advising if the issue has been replicated on your end? Is there a means to escalate or is this the new behaviour of 3.X?

Hi Sascha,

Any chance of an update thanks?