PDFCreator printer driver disappeared on windows 7

Dear all

I have updated my pdf creator driver to the latest version (2.1.2) on
a windows 7 computer. Since this update, the pdf creator printer driver
has disappeared in my printer driver list.

Does anyone can help me ? How to get this driver back ?
I use an AVAST antivirus.

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please send us your setuplog.txt or post it here (might need to use the “post as text” button).
Probably the pdfcmon.dll couldn’t get replaced during the update, in which case we can provide instructions how to fix the problem.

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Was there a solution posted for this? I have the same issue with no driver after upgrade to 2.1.2. I think it is related to the pdfcmon.dll as the installation seems to hang at this point. I tried manually deleting the pdfcmon.dll and installing again with no luck.