PDFCreator replaces dots (.) with dashes (-)

Whenever I print from Revit using PDFCreator, it keeps replaces any dots (.) in the sheet names with dashes (-). For example, a sheet names P.1.0 would save as P-1-0. FYI I do have a RegEx named ".*Sheet - +" but that's just to print the sheet names as file names. Anyone else have this issue? I've tried for over a month now to contact the PDFCreator support team and they've provided nothing but rude and incompetent responses so I expect no help from them.

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We noticed that you contacted us for the first time by email on July 31, 2020. Of course, we will continue to support your issue as planned.

Maybe other users on the forum have an idea about Revit replacing dots with dashes?!

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Here the explanation from the Autodesk Knowledge Base: