PDFCreator Server 2.1.1 auto-save functionality

I am using PDFCreator Server 2.1.1 auto-save functionality.
I have created my process .exe that creates pdf reports and configured auto-save on PDFCreator will save reports. when i login to server and executes process it successfully completed and reports saved without any issue.but when other user execute same process popups for save dialog box.

I know we need PDFCreator set as default printer for autosave.
how to set default printer for autosave for all users on the server.

I am trying to use the process execution automatic in background through ESP jobs.
I have created a job for .exe file on ESP. ESP job will execute with mmid on run it goes into hang stage.

Please suggest any other setting in PDFCreator for specific user so the popup save dialog-box should not popup and save reports.

Can somebody please respond to above issue.


it sounds like you might be using the desktop edition on the server; PDFCreator Server doesn't have any auto-save settings, as it only knows automatic saving and can't pop up any dialog boxes for saving files.
Please check if you really installed PDFCreator Server, the desktop edition will not work for your use case.

Best regards