PDFCreator Server - Different Profiles Sometimes Auto-Save to Wrong Folder

I am using PDFCreator 1.0.2 on a Windows 2003 Server and have set-up 5 printers, each paired up with a different profile that auto-saves to one of 5 folders. Users of User Group #1 print to Printer #1 and then PDFCreator autosaves the printout as a TIFF file to Folder #1. This pattern continues for each user group, printer, and folder as shown below:

User Group #1 -----> Printer #1 -----> Folder #1
User Group #2 -----> Printer #2 -----> Folder #2
User Group #3 -----> Printer #3 -----> Folder #3
User Group #4 -----> Printer #4 -----> Folder #4
User Group #5 -----> Printer #5 -----> Folder #5

I have formatted each file to have the syntax of --.TIFF so I always know who printed, what PC it came from, and when it was created.

I have very tight Windows security on the printer shares and the folders themselves to prevent the different user groups from printing to unauthorized printers or viewing into each others' folders. I tried to hack into this setup I've created from different users' computers, and  seems to be bulletproof. Other IT folks have confirmed this also.

Here's the problem...Even though this system works well for the hundreds of files being printed each week, every couple days or so, some of the files destined for Printer #2, end up in Folder #5 or files meant for Printer #3 end up in folder #1. Ahhhh! This is sensitive data, where one user group must NOT see the other groups' data.

Trouble shooting...First, I went to the PCs from where the files were printed that went into the wrong folders. I tried very hard to set up a wrong printer for these users, printers that were setup through PDFCreator. I tried to access the unauthorized folders from these PCs too, but to no avail. With the security I have in place, we could not access the other 4 unauthorized printers. Next I double checked the auto-save configuration for each printer profile and they are all correct. The security settings on the printers and the folders are correct. The PDFCreator printers are all paired up with the correct printer profiles.

Is this a bug in the software or is there something I've overlooked?


I was just about to create a topic on this issue. I will post in yours because I think we have the same issue:

I have installed PDFforge 1.2.0 on my W2k3 file server. Have two profiles, two shared PDF-printers, which autosave to two different folders on the server.

When the PDFprinters are offline (F2), the queue starts to fill. But when I put the printers back online, ALL documents in queue are printed to the destination folder of the first job in queue, not their own.

Please advise,

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 I'm having the same issue with version 1.2 on a Windows 2003 SP2. I'm going to try and upgrade to 1.2.1. Did anyone happen to find a fix to this issue?

This should be fixed in version 1.2.1.

 Upgrading to 1.2.1 resolved the issues we were having where some of the jobs were printing to the wrong profile. Thanks for your comment Frank!