PDFCreator Server doesn't activate automatically


I currently have a problem with PDFCreator Server. I have a valid license, but the server doesn't activate the license automatically. Every week I need to open the program to press the button online activation, and then everything works again.

This is a PrintScreen from the license settings tab.

After I press online activation.


After I manually press the online activation it is activated for a week, but after a week I need to repeat the same process

The PDFCreator Server service is configured to startup automatically under the local administrator account.
The local server is a Windows server 2019 build 1809.

Is there something I need to configure or change to set the activation to automatic?

If you need any more information feel free to ask.

I hope some of you understand this topic because my English is not great.

Hi @Automatisering_Kr

Please see this article and apply the recommended permissions to the service's account:

The local administrator account might not have permission to contact the license server.
You should also see if the proxy server (if used) allows connecting to the license server.
Assigning a domain user account to the service that has the needed permissions might be one way to go.

You can always send us an email, as you're entitled to prioritized support. :slight_smile:

Btw. Your English is perfectly fine to read!

Hi @Florian

The local admin has all the permissions he needs to have.

he can change the register.
he can access the internet.
The license server can be contacted.

is there anything else that might be wrong.

Does the printing work fine?

We'd need to look into the logs. Kindly set the logging level to trace, restart the service and forward us the log via email or send me a direct message.