PDFCreator Server - Unable to install


Could you advise how to install PDFCreator Server on a server behind a proxy? The installation is currently failing with the error "No answer from license server"

Thank you.

Hello @MatttC

Please make sure to configure the service according to our user guide: https://docs.pdfforge.org/pdfcreator/latest/en/pdfcreator-server/pdfcreator-server-settings/service-configuration/#serviceconfiguration

More detailed information for the service settings:

"To access the service settings, open the Windows service management (services.msc) and double click “PDFCreator Server”.

Select the Tab ‘Log On’ and assign the newly created user account.

By default, the service will be run by the local system account. Depending on your system configuration, it might be required to run it as a different user who can contact our license server and has rights to write to HKLM."

It's important to add a logon account to the server that is able to use the proxy to contact https://license.pdfforge.org