PDFCreator slow in remote desktop

Hi there,
in my company we have several PCs with PDFCreator installed and it works great.
Most of us started to work using the Remote Desktop app. In these case PDFCreator is very slow and we don't understand why. It normally takes about 10 seconds for generate our .pdf but working with the remote control it takes about 40 seconds.
It's a shame because we really do enjoy working with PDFcreator. Do you have any suggestions?
Thanks in advance


Hi @Giupy,

do you use the most recent PDFCreator Terminal Server version?
We're not aware of any general performance issues.

Hi @Florian,

I made a mistake, we don't use the "remote desktop app" but the "remote desktop protocol, RDP".
We use PDFCreator client. All pcs run on Windows 10.