PDFCreator SMTP Complications


I am running a trial using PDFCreator for a business-related project. We use an Epicor Eagle system for a retail company. We print out hundreds of reports out every day of the week using a queue system that does not have the ability to email them. I was requested to look into having the reports emailed to individuals rather than wasting paper, ink, and toner on printing all of them out to each store location.

After that back-story, I ran into PDFCreator and realized it has the potential to solve my problem. I created a few dozen printers connected to a different profile on each, and I have the queues printing to the corresponding individual's PDFCreator printer name.

It has one problem that I cannot seem to fix. Most people receive their reports without any issue, but the queues that run at the exact same time are being mailed out to the first person with the same email and document name, even though all of the reports are captured and mailed.

I have looked at the process, and I do not see how that is quite possible since my trace shows the documents are being sent to the correct printers.


  1. Our queue prints out multiple reports to multiple printers with properly assigned profiles.
  2. The correct printers receive the documents print jobs.
  3. All of the reports are emailed to the first person in the report queue rather than to the individuals.

I had a feeling that the temp folder was capturing them all at the same time then mailing them out to one person, except they are sent via separate emails and the names all match the first profile.

In my mind, if the printer receives the document then the profile should be assigning the correct name to the documents and mailing them out to the proper parties as listed in each profile associated with the printers.

Can someone help me find the problem or recommend a solution?


Hi Alex,

basically it should work as you expected (as long as the documents go to the correct printers which have specific profiles associated to them, the documents should get sent to the addresses specified in the printer's profile. Each print job uses an individual freshly auto-created temp folder located inside the general user temp directory. Which edition of PDFCreator are you currently using?

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We are using version 3.5.1, which should be the newest update.

I would not be against having someone that works for PDF Forge take a look at the logs or remote into the PC to see the process to receive verified information.

It seems odd for it to be messing up this way. At one point, I was under the impression that the spooler in the Epicor system was causing the problem. I turned off the spooler, and it still happens.

Robin, do you have any recommendations?

It is unfortunate that no one is able to help or take a look at it. I guess we will have to move to another PDF program.


sorry for the late response.
If you haven't found anything else yet, please send a mail to ticket@pdfforge.org linking to this thread and include the trace log (set the logging level to "trace" in the application settings). We weren't able to reproduce the issue on our end but it sounds like it could be a timing related issue, so the log might help us to understand why this is happening. The responses through the ticket system should be a lot faster than here, sorry again for the wait.

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I found the issue, although I have no idea why it is the problem.

If anyone runs into this issue with Epicor Eagle, you must turn the Large Format option to "N".

By having large format selected in Epicor, it will not process correctly through the printers and it somehow uses the wrong profile. I am unsure where the technical break occurs, but at least we have a solution since large format is not required in a PDF format.

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