PDFCreator Subroutines

The included Help lists the subroutines available, but how can I find out what each does, and what the parameters are?

I've been playing with URL2PDF.vbs to produce reports in an Intranet I'm developing and while I've substituted what I think I need, it'd be good to know what I doing (and why).

For instance, what is the `, 1500` in the following line -

.cPrintURL "http://www.pdfforge.org", 1500

and what does .cCombineAll do - if I'm only processing 1 file, do I need it?

Thanks again.

Public Sub cPrintURL(ByVal URL As String, Optional ByVal TimeBetweenLoadAndPrint As Long = 0)

TimeBetweenLoadAndPrint means PDFCreator waits this value in millisecaonds after loading the url. This is value is necessary for complex urls which seems to be finished loaded but they don't.


> what does .cCombineAll do - if I'm only processing 1 file