PDFCreator Temp Folder - mismatch

Until Tuesday, PDFCreator 1.7 has worked flawlessly for us.
An unmonitored utility program sends print jobs to PDFCreator, which autosaves the .pdf files.

We are running this on Windows 7.

on Tuesday pdf files were no longer being generated.  After much
searching and investigation, installing Version 2, uninstalling Version 2
and reinstalling 1.7, etc, I discovered that the process that creates
the .PS and .INF files is placing them in \Windows\Temp\PDFCreator\Spool
and the process that is looking for files to convert to .pdf is looking
in \Users\username\Local\Temp\PDFCreator\Spool.

I added a Task to move the files from the \Windows to the \Users folder, but this was unnecessary before Tuesday.

have combed the forum, have made sure all users and admin have total
permissions to both temp folders, and yet, no change.  I have read
through all registry settings for both versions, 1.7 and 2, to no avail.

there a way to fix this? It appears from the forum that others have
stumbled on the same problem.  If necessary I will write a program to
monitor activity, but would prefer not to have to do this.