PDFCreator Terminal Server without PDFCreator Server

I installed PDFCreator Terminal Server and had PDFCreator license management service, but no PDFCreator Server in Services. Is it right? I want to using PDFCreator Server without PDFCeator.

Hi Zhouji,

When installing PDFCreator Terminal Server it does install the PDFCreator license management service, but it does not install a PDFCreator Server service as this would be part of a PDFCreator Server installation.

What do you mean with 'wanting to use PDFCreator Server without PDFCreator'?

Kind regards

I used the COM interface you provided to print out PDF reports, and I wanted to run them automatically through the Windows schedule, but there was no report generation. Through your product introduction, Terminal Server supports COM interfaces and windows services, but after purchasing terminal server and install. I found that it still does not work.

PDFCreator Terminal Server always requires a logged on user to run in the user’s session. The Windows Task Scheduler does not seem to run in the user's session.

We (pdfforge) will need to be more specific here (see screenshot). The 'Windows Service' is referring to the activation service of PDFCreator Terminal Server, which is only used for license validation: