PDFCREATOR TS: Very slow recording PDF / Windows 2016



We are having trouble with our installation of PDFCreator TS. When we print something with the TS edition, it takes twice as long as the PDFCreator standard edition for PDF recording. We did the tests on several servers and the results are always the same.

Can we improve the time it takes to use PDFCreator TS to print files?

Our production is on a virtual machine, Windows Server 2016.

The number of users connected to the server during the test does not matter. We have almost the same result, even if we are alone on the server.

For example, one of the virtual machines on which we run the tests has the following specifications:

RAM = 24GB
Processor = Intel Xeon E5-2683 v4 @ 2.10GHz x2
PDFCREATOR TS version 3.3.2
We could have 20 users working on this server at the same time.

Thank you in advance



sorry I have no answer to this (yet), only additional questions:
Did you run the tests on the same or similar hardware (as the free or Business editions don't run on servers)?
If you are uncertain, please install the TS version onto the desktop or machine you used for testing the "standard edition", does it also take twice as long there?
Did you compare to the free or the business edition?

Best regards