PDFCreator v1.01 - Bug - Create PFD from multiple excel sheets

When trying to create a single PDF file from a multi sheet excel document PDFCreator creats 4 PDF files one with the first 2 sheets one with a single 3rd sheet and one with the last 4 sheets.

Is it posible to create a PDF file per excel sheet in my case that would be 10 differend PDF's.

Or is it possible to create a single PDF file in with all ten sheets would be.

The only way i can convert the document now is by selecting every sheet one by one and the choose print using PDFCreator in this case i need to do this ten times and then i would need to these ten PDF file into a single one using another program.


If this could be fixed it would be great.

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You can use “Wait-Collect” to collect the printing of the sheets in the PDFCreator queue. Then you can merge them to a single PDF and save this. I use this to collect multiple Excel Sheets which have to be printed one by one and save them to a single PDF.