PDFcreator v2 : Utmost disapointment!

Despite remarks in other postings, I still wanted to try the new PDFcreator V2 to see myself what’s all about.

It’s a pitty, but I can only agree with them !

The new interface/GUI may be more stylish, may be nicer for the one-time user, I consider it as worthless.

Some examples :

  • the missing Wait-Collect button (I know the workaround, but one always have to think again how to act)
  • the missing information in the Jobs-overview (date / size / …)
  • the missing features in the Jobs-overview (Move to top / move to bottom / …)

No really guys, you made a bad move and “destroyed” a good product ! Maybe the engine is better, no opinion here, but the GUI is a no-go. Give us back the more “technical” old GUI. Maybe you could do like FoxitReader and have the option to switch to the “Classic” GUI in the preferences.

So, for me, it’s an immediate uninstall and back to v1.7.3 … for ever !

I’m really sorry I had to be this hard, but the disapointment is great, very great !!!


thank you for the feedback, we will definetly think about redesigning the merge function.
I will also pass along the suggestion of adding back the information and features to the jobs overview and having an optional classic GUI. Apart from the print monitor, are you also unhappy with other areas? 
I agree it is a big change if you have been using PDFCreator for a while already, but for new users it should be far easier and less confusing than the old interface. 

best regards,

Thanks for the reply.

To be honest, I think I can actually only give real feedback about the print monitor as I only did a few tests which don’t reflect real intensive usage.

I’m certainly a long-term user, I started with PDFCreator-0_9_3_GPLGhostscript.exe and used it also a lot from within VBA.

I don’t think it’s related to old/new user, but upon the kind of user. All those flashy GUI designs, those wizard based programs, a.s.o. are not for me. I prefer the more technical interfaces which allow me to have control and the possibility of changing the behaviour.

Unfortunatly not only PDFcreator, but many programs are going into that direction, forgetting that there are many users who prefer to think themselves instead the program forcing to do things a certain pre-programmed way.

But I can understand that for a lot of users this “easy interface” might be necessary, the other option should be left open too !!!