PDFCreator worked...now it doesn't

Installed v1.2.3 in Nov 2011 onto Windows 7 64-bit PC.  Worked fine.  Then today (Apr 2012) - it fails to work.  Opened the program with desktop icon - I cannot drag and drop files into the program; the "Add" feature doesn't work.  Closed the program and tried to re-open the program (double clicking desktop icon) - and now nothing happens - the program will not even open up.  Reboot computer and samething happens.  Very strange. Updated to v1.3.2 and the samething happens again.  Any suggestions?

Just to add...the PDFCreator DOES fully work through the Print command.  It is the free-standing program (opened via the desktop icon) that is failing to work.

And - the PDFArchitect program works fine on my Windows 7.



it is impossible to tell from here what is causing this, sorry.