i'am using PDFCreator in my VB6 project. I use PDF to create reports (with text, bmp, footer ecc..) but simetimes pdfcreator doesn't close correctly. I succed in doing a lot of pdf report, but sometime pdfcreator hangs up.

I used pdf creator v0.9.6 and it hangs up. Now i am using v.1.0.0 and before hanging up i have this type of error:

-The activex-server has not been started! Please use function "cStart"-

What's means?

Help me... please.

Best Regards


I'm not sure that I faced the same problem, but this may help.  I have an Excel macro interfacing w/ pdfC.  The macro worked when singled-stepped in the debugger, but hung when it was allowed to run normally.

My conclusion was that the problem was related to instruction timing.  That is, some part of the execution could not keep up with other asynchronous, but related, functions.  I ended up inserting DoEvents instructions at various points in the macro until the problem was corrected.

 I have the same problem. Did you figure out a solution?