PDFCreatorGUI: send eMail without "Save as" dialogue

Hi there, I'm aware that with option "AutoSave" this is possible.
But what I like to have is:

  1. I print from a Windows7 app over PDFCreator as my printer
  2. PDFCreator GUI shows up and I just press the eMail button
    and NO "SAVE AS" dialogue appears but instead the eMail client starts directly.
    It creates a new eMail with my attached pdf-file !

Would you mind telling me if this is possible by changing setup/config (registry) that
No NO "SAVE AS" dialogue appears  ?

Thanks in advance for help/informations




no, it will only work if you enable autosave.
If you don’t like using autosave, because you only want to send some files per mail and others not,
I’d recommend adding a second virtual PDFCreator printer and assigning an autosave+mail profile to one and the default profile to the other (you need to start PDFCreator as admin in order to be able to add a new printer).