PdfCreator's way to convert from Word

Hi All,

In my business's software we need to convert Microsoft Word documents to pdf, in order to send these to external partners. This conversion is normally done by using Word non-interactively, with a Word macro.
This method has one disadvantage: the pdf's size is huge. Every now and then the size exceeds the maximum accepted by transfer protocols.
In my search for an alternative I found PDFCreator, which produces great pdf's with remarkable smaller sizes.
I am now researching the option to use PDFCreator for conversion, but in my testing I noticed one thing: PDFCreator uses Microsoft Word for this conversion (a Word-window pops up during creation).
So obviously PDFCreator utilizes Word to create a pdf with an acceptable size.

Here is my question: How does PDFCreator do this?

Sorry if this knowledge is some kind of pdfforge's business secret :slight_smile: but then I would also like to know that.
PS. No pictures/graphics are used in my documents.

Don't you just love their customer service response time. Before you purchase a subscription, let me warn you about how that worked with mine. I had a fully functional application of pdf architect until auto-renewed in March 2020. They keep sending me links to the free download. Never had trouble with original subscription and actually would have recommended it. But since the auto-renewal, it deactivated and it's never worked even though deducted funds from my paypal account (and now it's July and I am still waiting for a refund). It was the 3-computer license program and I had only used for one computer. I've spent about 16 to 20 hours dealing with this issue and can't get any decent assistance from tech support. Has anyone else had similar issues?

Very disappointed with customer service!!

PDFCreator simply send to Word a request to print to the PDFCreator virtual printer.

If you try the conversion on a big Word document you have time to see that the window that pops-up in Word is stating it is printing.

Thank you Gianni1962Pc,

So my assumption was not correct, technically the conversion is done from within PDFCreator.