PDFForge toolbar is a spyware!

I love PDFCreator, but the pdfforge toolbar that comes to is - is a piece of spyware.  I  installed PDFCreator on my wife's laptop, she started betting weird popups with 404 errors.  When I scanned for viruses, a bunch of entries related to pddforge toolbar was removed.  Also I got a trojan, PSExec, PSKill malware.


Please remove or fix the pdfforge toolbar, it only hurts your product, especially when you read the lies on the pdfforge toolbar related page on a topic" is the pdfforge toolbar a spyware?" while getting all kind of malware from it.

Yesterday I installed the latest version of PDF Creator on my workstation and immediately got malware warnings about the pdfforge toolbar from McAfee VirusScan. I now have to explain my actions to the sysadmin and he has to explain the presence of malware on our network to his superiors.

Bundling spyware or trojans is not really a good way to make money from your software - it just makes you look like another internet scam outfit.

Last update of PDFCreator is catastrophic !

When using correct antivirus software, installation stalls, because of this ToolBar.

When processing installation, I've unchecked the toolbar installation, but it seems that the toolbar attempt to install anyway - first problem.
So, installation stalled because of toolbar installation, blocked by antivirus software.

When scanning for virus on ESET Smart Security, the internal file named widgitoolbarie.dll (included in pdforgeToolbar.msi file) is recognized as "Win32/Adware.Toolbar.Dealio application"

Please check your source files or contact ESET support services.

Best freundlichen salutations

Same issue for this collection of internal files :

repeated this files collection 3 times in a scan, I don't know why.

Thanks for the Update! I use it to 

buy essays

I’ve sworn by PDFCreator for years and have always believed this to be, above all, the best PDF tool on the market.
Recently, my employer, one of the largest medical centers in the Pacific Northwest, asked me for an easy to use PDF creation tool for deployment across the enterprise. I submitted PDFCreator and gave it my highest recommendation.
During routine evaluation, our security group discovered your spyware.
Thank you for destroying my reputation.
Let me know when you decide to quite using malware in your product.

Ran into the same issue.  No comments from pdfforge, so it must be intentional.  BEWARE - DO NOT INSTALL THEIR PROGRAMS!


there isn´t any spyware bundeled with PDFCreator. Did you maybe download a different PDFCreator or get it from a non.official website? What was the spyware? During setup you are offered to install for example the AVG toolbar (which is defenitly not spyware), which is optional and can be deselected with one single click.