PDFtoTiff printing creates a tiff file with more and duplicated pages in final tif file

   We have an issue with PDFCreator 1.2.3 /win 2008 R2 . When printing a file
say 10 pages (pdf to tiff) using command line (both Foxit/Adbobe), we get an output tif file of more than 10
pages (between 11 - 19). No pages are missing but duplicate pages are
found.  No patterns on duplicate pages.

  This issue occurs like
5-7% on the printings. Is this an issue with 1.2.3 Server installation and can be fixed with
higher versions? Or any log that we can enable use to track this issue?



this hasn’t been reported by anybody with recent version, so it will probably get fixed by updating to a more recent version.



Thanks for the response. I will update if an advance release has fixed this.