Perpetual license

Cant find the link to buy perpetual licenses.


PDF Architect is based on yearly licensing. We hope annual licensing is applicable and perpetual licensing is not a must-have. If there are specific technical reasons that require perpetual licensing you could contact us here.

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Sorry to bring up an old topic but... I was also looking for a perpetual license since I am on a tight budget... :frowning_face: But I am still considering to acquire the software though...

I have a question: what happens to the software once the subscription ends? Will the paid features be blocked or is it just a matter of not getting the released updates?

I found a similar question but for an older post (like 2015 or something), so I am not sure if the information still apply.

Thank you in advance!

Once the subscription ends the access to the features included is blocked.

PDF Architect isn't sold with perpetual licenses anymore.

Dear Florian,

Thank you for your reply.

It is a shame the perpetual license is no longer available :pensive:. I will study the software plans and see which one fits me the most then.

Thanks again for your help!
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This is bullshit. I just want to buy it and that's it.