Petty gripes

As a long time user of the solid PDF creator, and in need of a pdf manipulation program I purchased PDF Architect.  I understand there is always a learning curve with new software packages, but I have some gripes.

The number of forum questions with no responses is a little disturbing, it would be nice to know the devs come here sometimes to assist.

Here goes, in no particular order

  • Combine pdf does not honour original document pages size - tested with two A3 documents
  • Ctl-Tab only works forwards - ctl-shift-tab only works backwards - and these shortcuts only work if you click the document tabs first.
  • No keyboard shortcut customisation?
  • windows explorer preview pane - how to hide all the additional buttons
  • Cannot hide side tool panels in PDF Architect
  • Changing side panels on PFD Architect does not result in change to windows explorer preview pane
  • Edit mode panics pdfarchitect - restart after ending process with Task Manager-
  • Slow load time - does it work with no internet access?
  • File menu - why? it is visually jarring to be taken from the main screen to somewhere different just cause you’ve pressed ctl-P
  • Clicking one of the ribbon tabs immediately throws up a tool tip, hiding the buttons underneath


sorry about the unaswered question, we do look into the forums regularly but currently are facing some issues with large amounts of spam. We are going to move to a better forum software as soon as possible.
Now to the actual issues (in the order you listed them):
1.I wasn’t able to reproduce this here, A3+A4+a custom sized image combined and the pages in the resulting PDF had the respective sizes.
2. Shift+Tab is enough for going backwards, otherwise I am not sure how this works in other applications/ how would you prefer it to work?
3.Yes, this could definitely be improved but isn’t currently being worked on. I will make sure to enter this as a feature suggestion for the next main version.
4.Click anywhere in the preview and press F11 (this will only change the setting for the current preview though, it isn’t possible to change it permanently)
5.Yes, it is only possible to expand and minimize them, completely hiding isn’t possible.
6. The view settings for the preview are always only temporary for the current preview, but I agree a way to set this permanently would be nice.
7. I was able to reproduce this here but in no consistent manner. This will be adressed first of all the issues listed. Are you able to reproduce this in a consistent manner?
8. Enabling the “Hibarnate on clode for fast launch” option should help here (if you have PDF Architect 4), but the first start can be slow. It does work without internet access for a limited time. If PDF Architect isn’t able to verify the activation on multiple days it will re-request the license key and refuse to operate untill a connection was established (if this is a problem, we can provide an offline activation).
9. This design was inspired by office and I guess some people like it while others don’t.
10. There is a small delay and once you click onto the ribbon tab the tool tip is closed.

Do you have the most recent PDF Architect 4.0.12 installed?

best regards,