PFF creator prints an "O" or 0 in the center of the page

Hello, good morning.
I installed the pfd creator 0.9.8 in several terminal server clients.
The printing works correctly except that the printed out an "O" or 0 red in the center of the page.
Does this happens to someone else?
Can it be solved?

Thank you.

Can we get a pdf sample file? Are you sure that stamping or a script is not active?

Thanks for your reply.
Tomorrow, when I leave back to work an example of the pdf I printed.
I tried many configurations but can not get this go away, however in the workstation (not terminal server) print correctly.

If anyone can recommend me some new settings please tell me.

Thank you.

PS: I have terminal server on a Windows 2000 server (should help).

Hello everyone.
I leave a sample of the error that I get when printing from pdf creator.
This goes on all pages printed from the client terminal.

Thanks for the help