Please automate the update process



I love PDF Forge.  I recommend it to everyone I know.  Love the updates.  The only thing I am not a fan of is the steps to upgrade.  Is there any way to automate the update process any more than it currently is?  Maybe make it like many applications that ask you if you want to upgrade and you hit ok and it automatically updates without any further prompts.  Even better yet.  Do it like Chrome where you update automatically!

Just a suggestion.  I understand that with the installations you are also getting profit from people installing other products.  It really becomes a hassel when you run multiple computers and like to be up to date.  I appreciate any consideration to my request.



 I agree with this sentiment.

To add, if it proves difficult to implement auto-updating, it would be nice if upon pressing "Yes, update" the new update was silently downloaded and scheduled to install at next reboot.