.PLT file to Plot from Bentley Microstation V8xm (Bentley experts only)

Hi there

We have PDFcreator 0.8.1 running on a print server.

I have created a .plt file which sucessfully plot's to the pdf creator. Except I can't figure out how to get the application to output the name of the drawing as the pdf file name.

I end up with name.pdf for every output.

A second option would be to plot to a local installation of PDFCreator , however i can't work out how to configure the .plt file either

any Bentley experts know how to help?




I can help you with MicroStation & plotting to PDF.  But I am not really sure of the exact nature your problem.  When I MicroStation plot using PDFCreator, the pdf file that is produced is the DGNname.pdf  Is this what you are getting? Is it what you want?

I will tell you right now you have a much better way to produce 'MicroStation plotted' pdf's.  You should use the built-into MicroStation pdf drivers. In the pdf that is produced vector data (linework,, background rasters etc) either remain vector or sometimes is treated like raster, but more importantly, the text data remains text, which will enable you to TEXT SEARCH your plotted pdfs. That itself is a very good thing.  

When you hit the print button, you will be prompted for a filename/destination of your pdf, with defaults for both already already filled in; usually I just hit the OK button.  The defaults are represented by MicroStation configuration variables (for example, the destination is MS_PLTFILES = where ever).

hope this helps