PNG 32 bit supporting Transparency / transparent elements

I have attempted to take advantageof this capability ("PNG 32-Bit with Transparency support") in version 1.2 using Fireworks, Photoshop, Firefox, IE, and a couple less well known graphics applications.  My intent was to take an existing 32-bit PNG file with known alpha/transparent zones and PRINT it using PDF Creator into a 32-bit PNG with transparent zones.  I figured this was the simplest case for conversion to see if I could get a PDF Forge PNG output with transparent zones.  I had no luck, all PNGs had a white background where the transparency had been.

I then took a PDF with transparent areas and performed the same tests.  The results were the same (white background).

My Question: Does the "PNG 32-Bit with Transparency support" mode actually work in the newest version of PDF Creator, and if it does how do I use it?

I should also mention that I had set the PDF Creator default PNG settings to:
a) 288dpi
b) 4294967296 colors (32 bit) with transparency

Thank you.